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Call for Papers is now closed

Selection Process for Conference Papers

At The Together Conference for Sign Language Interpreters and Translators, we upheld rigorous standards in selecting papers for presentation. Our selection process was designed to ensure diversity, relevance, and excellence in the topics addressed during the event. The original call for papers was open from the 8th of November 2023- the 8th of January 2024. 

Anonymous Review Rrocess

All submitted papers underwent a blind review process. This meant that reviewers evaluated the submissions without knowledge of the authors' identities, ensuring impartiality and fairness.

Alignment with Conference Themes and Aims

Each paper was assessed based on its alignment with the overarching themes and aims of the conference. We prioritised submissions that contributed meaningfully to the advancement of sign language interpreting and translation practices, as well as related topics in line with the conference theme of 'Moving our Professions Forward'.

Criteria-Based Evaluation

Our diverse panel of experienced deaf and hearing British Sign Language (BSL) and Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreters and translators evaluated papers based on predefined criteria. These criteria encompassed factors such as originality, clarity, methodological rigour, and potential impact on the field.

Expert Panel

Our panel comprised individuals with considerable expertise in various domains within sign language interpreting and translation. Their collective experience ensured a comprehensive and insightful evaluation of each submission.

For more information about our esteemed panellists, you can check their profiles below:

Call for Papers Review Panel 

Untitled design (14).png

Izegbuwa is an experienced BSL interpreter specialising in VRS/VRI interpreting and works remotely from Uganda, East Africa. 

Izegbuwa Oleghe

BSL Interpreter

Untitled design (14).png

Abdelkarim is a CODA and interpreter, based in the North West of England. Abdelkarim has worked across a broad range of domains. 

Abdelkarim El-Madani

BSL Interperter

ramon wolfe profile pic.png
Untitled design (14).png

Ramon is a Deaf, native BSL user and holds registrations as both a BSL Translator and Relay Intralingual Interpreter. In addition, Ramon also works

into Auslan too.

Ramon Woolfe

BSL Translator & Relay Intralingual Interpreter

tara oneil profile pic.png
Untitled design (14).png

Tara is a qualified Irish Sign Language Interpreter based in the Republic of Ireland.

Tara O’Neill

Irish Sign Language Interpreter

hannah W.png
Untitled design (14).png

Hannah is an experienced interpreter and interpreter educator based in Wales. Hannah has been training sign language interpreters for over 15 years.

Hannah Wilson

BSL Interpreter

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