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Modern Day Slavery Policy


The Together Conference is committed to conducting business ethically and responsibly. We recognize the importance of combating modern day slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. This policy outlines our commitment to preventing slavery and human trafficking within our business and supply chains.


Our Commitment

We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern day slavery or human trafficking in any part of our organization or supply chain. Our practices reflect our dedication to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships.


Scope of Policy

This policy applies to all contractors, suppliers, and other business partners engaged by The Together Conference.


Our Actions

To fulfil our commitment, The Together Conference will:

1. Risk Assessment: Conduct risk assessments to identify areas of potential risk in our supply chains.

2. Supplier Due Diligence: Ensure that our suppliers adhere to ethical standards and practices that prevent modern slavery and human trafficking.

3. Supplier Contracts: Include clauses in our supplier contracts that require compliance with anti-slavery laws and practices.

4. Monitoring and Review: Regularly monitor and review our policies and practices to ensure their effectiveness in preventing modern day slavery.


Reporting Concerns

We encourage contractors and suppliers to report any concerns or suspicions of modern day slavery or human trafficking. Reports can be made confidentially via email

Consequences of Non-Compliance

The Together Conference will not tolerate any form of modern slavery or human trafficking. Any breach of this policy will result in termination of business relationships.



The Together Conference is dedicated to upholding human rights and preventing modern day slavery and human trafficking in all aspects of our operations. We expect the same high standards from all of our business partners.


For further information or to report a concern, please contact us at

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