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Conference Theme 2024

The theme for the inaugural 2024 conference is "Moving Our Professions Forward," and calls upon sign language interpreting and translation professionals to unite together. While we live in a world marked by change and division, this conference it's a deliberate effort to foster collaboration between all sign language interpreting and translation professionals to create a dynamic sense of ´togetherness´. The Together Conference´s focus is on how this collaboration can not only benefit an individual's professional growth but also contribute to the broader interpreting and translation community.

The essence of our theme lies in the belief that unity and shared knowledge can empower us all. We invite professionals from all backgrounds to join us in shaping a future where the interpreting and translation professions evolve collectively. This is an opportunity to learn from one another, bridge gaps between different communities and countries, and explore issues and research that help us all become more skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

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